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How does Amazon determine a reimbursement's value?
Amazon determines the reimbursement amount by considering:
  • Your sales history
  • The average FBA selling price on Amazon
  • The sales history of the specific ASIN
You'll find the amount per unit published in the Reimbursements Report (found under Fulfillment Reports).
How do you project how much a reimbursement will be valued?
Projected reimbursement value = Most recent order price* - Amazon fees

*When there is no recent order price available, we'll use your current listing price
**When there is no listing price available, we'll default the projected reimbursement value to $0, to avoid overprojecting your potential reimbursements.
What do you charge for inventory reimbursements?
We charge 25% commission for all successful reimbursements, including inventory reimbursements. To value a unit of inventory, we use the amount per unit value Amazon assigns.
What if I feel Amazon's per unit value for inventory reimbursements is too high?
We've found that Amazon's per unit reimbursement values tend to be similar to the net revenue you'd make if that unit sold, or sometimes even less when Amazon uses default values.

However, if Amazon gets it wrong, feel free to ask your case manager about any particular reimbursement, or email us at support@sellerbench.com. We'll look into it for you as soon as possible.
What happens if Amazon applies different per unit amounts to inventory reimbursements in the same support case?
While rare, if this happens we'll make sure that we calculate our charge to you using the lowest inventory reimbursement value present.
What happens in the case of a reimbursement reversal?
Typically when Amazon reverses a reimbursement, they are replacing the cash value with inventory. However, in the event that Amazon completely or partially revokes the reimbursement, email us at support@sellerbench.com and will refund you to correct the reimbursement fee charged to you originally.
If you have any questions or concerns about our pricing:
Please contact us at support@sellerbench.com.

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