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    Getting Started

  • What do I need to sign up?

    All you need is an email and password to create your SellerBench account.

    In order to initialize your free audit, we'll need you to authorize SellerBench as a third party application, and save your Seller ID and a valid MWS Auth Token onto your SellerBench profile.

  • What kind of services do you offer?

    We currently offer 3 services:

    1. Comprehensive Reimbursement Recovery

      Everyday, a dedicated case manager will monitor your Amazon storefront data for missed reimbursements, and open up claims with Amazon on your behalf.

    2. FBA Fee Protector (NEW!)

      We take your SKU dimensions and weights, and monitor your FBA fee report everyday. Your case manager will alert Amazon if fees change incorrectly.

    3. Self-Service Reimbursement Toolkit (COMING SOON!)

      For the seller who wants to do it themselves. Our software detects potential reimbursements Amazon owes you, and helps you open a claim in a couple clicks.

  • How far back do you go in your analysis?

    We audit all of your storefront data in the last 18 months. This is the furthest Amazon's FBA Reimbursement Policy will allow you to claim for discrepancies. We'll comb through all of your data to make sure you are properly reimbursed for any discrepancies that haven't been auto-reconciled by Amazon, or by a member of your team!

  • Can you audit my suspended account?

    No. We are unable to service your account during a suspension, because Amazon does not allow you to submit any reimbursement requests until your suspension has been resolved. We wish you the best luck in reinstating your Amazon Selling Account!

  • Are there any minimum volume requirements?

    No. While we do not have any minimum requirements to join SellerBench, we find that most sellers find our service valuable if they've sold actively on FBA for the last 6 months, with at least $50K in FBA revenue.

  • What kind of permissions do I need to give my Case Manager?

    You'll need to grant your case manager the following four settings:

    1) Manage FBA Inventory/Shipments - View & Edit
    2) Fulfillment Reports - View
    3) Payments Reports - View & Edit
    4) Manage Your Cases - View & Edit
  • Billing & Payment

  • What kind of payment methods can I use to pay?

    We accept all major US debit and credit cards, and bank accounts (ACH payments). Your payment information is encrypted with the strictest industry standards via our integration with Stripe.

    If you have any questions about any of the reimbursements or charges, let us know at

  • Contacting SellerBench

  • How do I contact SellerBench?

    Shoot us a message at, or leave your question and email in our Support channel in the bottom-right corner of our website, and someone from our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Who do I talk to about Partnerships?

    Let us know at, and someone from our Partnerships team will reach out so we can explore opportunities together.

  • How do I contact my Case Manager?

    Once you've set up your SellerBench account, you'll find your Case Manager's contact information upon logging in. Otherwise, send an email to and we'll re-route it to your Case Manager for you. 

  • Where is SellerBench located?

    Our main office is located in Long Island City, NY. We also have some of our team based in Los Angeles, CA.

  • Cancellations, Data & Security

  • How do I pause or cancel my account?

    You can pause or cancel your account at anytime by sending a message to

    When you do, we'll stop submitting new claims immediately. We'll make sure to properly close out any pending cases with Amazon, and send you a confirmation once your account has been fully paused or cancelled. This can take about one full business day.

  • How do I delete my data on SellerBench?

    Upon your request, we will gladly erase all of your personal data. You can initiate this by sending your request to This may take 7-10 business days to complete.


  • How does the Comprehensive Reimbursement Recovery Service work?

    Your Case Manager will work the tedious work of managing your reimbursements.. so that you're free to work on growing your business!

    Every day, your Case Manager will analyze your account to find any discrepancies where Amazon may owe you money. Once we've vetted the discrepancy, your Case Manager will craft a data-backed claim, and submit it manually to Amazon. Once a case has been submitted, your Case Manager will continue to follow up with Amazon on that case until we get back the money you're owed.

    Every week, your Case Manager will send you a Reimbursement Recovery Report that details all of the reimbursements that were recovered in the previous week. It will show you why we submitted a claim, link you to our analysis, and show you all the relevant details of the money we recovered. We'll give you a week to review the report, and charge you for the invoiced amount the following Friday.

  • What type of claims do you cover?

    We're constantly analyzing Amazon's data and updating our analysis to make sure we recover everything you're owed! At a high level, everything we cover falls into the four categories:

    1) Mishandled Refunds and Returns
    2) Lost or Damaged Inventory
    3) Missing Inbound Shipment Items
    4) Overcharged Fulfillment Fees
  • Do you automate your claims?

    No. We do not automate any of the claims submission process, per Amazon's Terms of Service. All of your claims are manually reviewed and carefully submitted by your Case Manager.

  • How many cases do you submit every day?

    In order to maximize our success rate, we typically throttle our case submission rate to 5-10 cases per day (may vary based on your account volume). We've found that if you submit too many cases at once, Amazon may bundle your requests and assign them to one associate, who can take longer at responding to each request (and fail to resolve each one accurately).

    Our case managers will always make it their top priority to make sure nothing falls through the cracks -- and will adjust your account's daily case submission velocity to make sure we cover any SKUs that may have discrepancies that may expire soon.

  • How much do you charge?

    We charge 25% of any successfully recovered reimbursements. 

    We don't charge for any reimbursements automatically disbursed by Amazon, or for any reimbursements associated with cases opened by you or your team -- we only charge for reimbursements that were initiated by your case manager.

    You can find out more about Pricing here.


  • How does the FBA Fee Protector work?

    Enter dimensions for your SKUs. We compare your dimensions with what Amazon has on file to find overcharges. Our snappy web form makes the process easy!

    We monitor your fees everyday. Our software tracks all changes to your SKU dimensions and fees. We'll alert you when there's an overcharge.

    We contact Amazon about incorrect fees. When Amazon's ASIN measurements contradict yours, we'll let you know. Once you confirm your dimensions, your case manager will open up a case with Amazon on your behalf.

    Coming soon..

  • I'm interested. Where can I sign up?

    The Self-Service Reimbursement Toolkit is currently under development. Check out our homepage to add yourself to the emailing list to get notified when it is ready!


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