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Why does Amazon owe most FBA sellers money?

FBA warehouses manage millions of SKUs, and mistakes are often made. Amazon's policy is to compensate sellers for those mistakes. The reimbursements we see most often are for:

Inbound Shipment Discrepancies

Units missing from shipment upon receipt at warehouse

Lost & Misplaced Inventory

Units lost in warehouse but never found or reimbursed

Damaged Inventory

Damaged units Amazon claims responsibility for

Incorrect FBA Fees

Incorrect dimensions affecting order & storage fees

Mishandled Refunds & Returns

Select refunds & returns needing reimbursement

Incorrect Quantities

Inventory reconciliations reveal discrepancies

SellerBench works with thousands of sellers

Signed up around 18 months ago and money just shows up every pay period. Highly recommend - and 100% within Amazon's TOS given the fact it's managed by actual human beings.

500K Revenue Per Year

We've been working with SellerBench for about one year now and we are very happy with the service. We appreciate that SellerBench has helped us recover tens of thousands of dollars that were 'lost' in the Amazon system.

3+ Mil. Revenue Per Year

The SellerBench team does a great job of identifying and taking care of our tickets. I love that I can just leave it to them and its done. We've saved a ton of money over the course of the year.

40+ Mil. Revenue Per Year

SellerBench does all the work, refunds show up in your Amazon account and SB's share is automatically charged to your credit card. I couldn't ask for a better service. Great job, guys!

1-2 Mil. Revenue Per Year

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